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Determining The Right Amount Of Child Support

Child support revolves around the financial obligations each parent has toward the child. Unlike spousal support, financial support is an automatic right of the child.

My name is Brian Carriere. My firm, Carriere Law Office, is focused on helping families provide for children following a separation or divorce. I have helped clients throughout Edmonton, Alberta and surrounding areas, determine the amount of child support, and enforce child support orders.

Determining Child Support Amounts

Generally speaking, most parents want to provide financial care for their child. However, disputes arise when determining the amounts necessary.

Extra-ordinary expenses such as medical conditions, education and extracurricular activities can all increase the payment amounts above the Federal Child Support Guidelines.

My goal for all child support cases is to make sure the child has what they need for a healthy upbringing. I will work with you to:

  • Evaluate the needs of the child
  • Determine a payment schedule
  • Negotiate a clear and logical amount

Enforcing Child Support Payments

If your ex-spouse fails to adhere to the agreed-upon payments or seeks not to pay extraordinary expenses at all, I will help you seek enforcement of your child’s right to receive financial support. On the other hand, if you need to have the support payments amended or re-evaluated, I can advise you on how to proceed.

We will look at whether or not the extraordinary amounts are still necessary and fight to make sure the other parent continues to offer financial support as long as is legally required. We will almost always bring the matter to court and seek a court order to ensure all payments are enforceable.

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