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What Are Child Custody Issues Really About?

Child custody issues resolve the question over who gets to make decisions about the upbringing of your child. Custody can be shared between parents, however even if one parent has sole custody, a child may still be allowed to reside between both parental homes.

My name is Brian Carriere. My family law practice, Carriere Law Office, is dedicated to helping parents going through a divorce or separation come to an agreement about the upbringing of their children.

Decisions Regarding A Child’s Upbringing

Custody is not about restricting access to a non-custodial parent. It revolves around decisions such as:

  • The geographic location where the child will be raised
  • Where children will attend school
  • Any applicable religious education
  • Making decisions about their health
  • Domestic rights (enrolling children in extra-curricular activities, etc.)

Even if both parents share custody, they may decide that their children can live with one parent. My goal is to help you decide custody that protects the best interests of the child and also protects your interests and concerns as a parent.

Reasonable Solutions

At Carriere Law Office, I will help you work out a plan for your family to move forward following a separation or divorce. I strive for a fair agreement that protects the child and provides a healthy relationship for each party.

If the request for custody is not reasonable, it’s possible a judge may also find that it’s not reasonable. In the end, I will help you fight for a solution that satisfies you and provides you with legal support to get as close to a reasonable solution as possible.

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